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You deserve the finer things in life. You work hard, so why not treat yourself to luxury every now and then? Or even every time you get behind the wheel. Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters of Forest Lake doesn’t just specialize in badass, hard-working pickup trucks — we’ve also got a huge selection of premium options from world-class brands you know and respect.


There’s a reason why BMW claims to build the Ultimate Driving Machine — this brand has a legacy of building incredible performance vehicles, including so many awesome options under its BMW M performance umbrella. Today, BMW has one of the deepest and most well-rounded lineups in all of luxury, including a fresh lineup of hot electric vehicles like the high-powered XM. Thinking about dropping the top when the weather gets warm? BMW offers several excellent convertibles, including the legendary Z4 Roadster. Want the ultimate in executive luxury? There’s the BMW 8 Series, one of the most impressive vehicles on the road today. Whatever your speed and style, you’re bound to get noticed and love that attention when you drive a BMW.


If BMW is Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz is Pepsi (or the other way around, depending on your preference). Mercedes has built its reputation of the notion of delivering the best or nothing, and its excellent lineup of vehicles bears out the success of that ambition. Mercedes-Benz has no shortage of legendary options under its belt, including classics like the off-road-ready G-Class SUV. When it comes to world-class bespoke luxury, you’ll have a hard time beating the S-Class Sedan, which offers an interior so swank you won’t want to get out of the car once you’ve parked. And thanks to Maybach and AMG variants up and down the lineup, Mercedes-Benz can certainly back up its claim of the best or nothing with action.


You want to talk about American luxury vehicles, Cadillac is just one of those names that comes up naturally. For over a century, Cadillac has represented the pinnacle of luxury straight out of Detroit, and there’s no greater example of why that’s the case than the legendary Escalade. Cadillac’s full-size SUV is an absolute beast in size and strength, and newer models are even beastlier when it comes to high-end amenities and leading-edge technologies. Cadillac isn’t done by a long shot, either — it’s moving beautifully and brilliantly into an all-electric future with exciting vehicles like the LYRIQ and CELESTIQ.


There aren’t many brands that can get pulses racing with just three numbers, but thanks to Porsche, 911 isn’t just the number you call when you need help. The Porsche 911 is the car you call on when you want to get noticed, to kick the pedal down and feel a rush coursing through your body. Porsche is going as strong as ever, effortlessly using its talents to create world-class SUVs like the Macan and Cayenne. That’s right — there are family-friendly Porsches these days, and yes, they’re as insanely powerful as you’d hope.



Hyundai’s built up a reputation as one of the world’s best automakers by making cars and SUVs (and even a truck-like Sports Adventure Vehicle) that feel like they’re pretty close to luxury vehicles. So it made plenty of sense for Hyundai to branch off into its own luxury brand — Genesis. Since its launch, Genesis has rolled out, as the kids might say, banger after banger. From the G70 to the GV60 to the mighty GV80, the Genesis lineup is notable for its impressive style, incredible power, and world-class attention to detail.

Want to go upscale with your next vehicle purchase? Minnesota Truck Headquarters of Forest Lake can help with that. Check out our selection online to see what we have in stock, or contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.
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